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Please Note: Acton Board of Health does not have their own requirements listed. The link above is Massachusetts Model Regulations for Body Art Establishments. *Please call Acton Board of Health to check for additional requirements such as apprenticeships.*

Acton Board of Health: (978) 929-6632

  • Board may consider certifications, experience, or training acquired in other states that regulate body art.

At a minimum, training for practitioners should include:

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training: Must include infectious disease control, waste disposal, hand washing techniques, sterilization equipment operations along with methods and sanitization, and disinfection & sterilization methods and techniques.
  • Current certification in First Aid/CPR.
  • Examples of courses approved by the Health Department
    • – “Preventing Disease Transmission” (American Red Cross) and “Bloodborne Pathogen Training” (U.S. OSHA).
    • Training or courses provided by professional body art organizations or associations, or by equipment manufacturers may also be submitted for approval.
  • Applicants must provide documentation acceptable to the Board that they completed a course on skin diseases, disorders and conditions, including Diabetes, or completed an examination on skin diseases, disorders and conditions, including Diabetes, or possesses a combination of training and experience deemed acceptable to the board. 
  • The practitioner’s permit will be conditioned upon continued compliance with all applicable provisions of the regulations stated above.