License Requirements:

  •  Training for all practitioners shall be approved by the Board and, at a minimum, shall include the following: 
    • Bloodborne pathogen training program (or equivalent) which includes infectious disease control; waste disposal; handwashing techniques; sterilization equipment operation and methods; and sanitization, disinfection and sterilization methods and techniques;
    • First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Examples of courses approved by the Board include “Preventing Disease Transmission” (American Red Cross) and “Bloodborne Pathogen Training” (U.S. OSHA). Training/courses provided by professional body art organizations or associations or by equipment manufacturers may also be submitted to the Board for approval. 
  •  Applicants must provide documentation proving the completion of a Full Course of Anatomy and Physiology, Skin Integumentary Course (*May only apply for body piercing applicants, check with board of health*)
  • Completed in performing tattooing procedures for tattoo artists. Evidence of 2 years actual experience or proof of 800 procedures.
    • If the applicant does not have evidence of 2 years actual experience, the applicant must complete a 2 year apprenticeship (2,000 logged hours).