License Requirements:

(Listed in application)


  •  Training for all practitioners shall be approved by the Board and, at a minimum, shall include the following: 
    • Successful completion of a course on prevention of disease transmission and Bloodborne Pathogens taught by an instructor trained and sufficiently knowledgeable to teach this Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) course. 
  • Current Certification in American Red Cross CPR/First Aid
  • Documentation of completion of Quincy Health Department Skin Course or equivalent.
  • Evidence of at least 2 years actual experience in the practice of performing Body Art activities of the kind of which the applicant seeks a License to perform. Experience may be obtained within or outside the Commonwealth.
    • If the applicant does not have at least 2 years actual experience, apprenticeship may be required. (2 year apprenticeship = 2,400 hours)

 *PLEASE NOTE: Check with the Everett Board of Health for Apprenticeship Requirements if you do not possess 2 years actual experience.*

  • Completion & Certification from the American Academy of Micropigmentation 100 Hour Fundamentals Course