License Requirements:


  • For the purpose of this regulation, any cosmetic tattooing, also known as “permanent cosmetics,” “micro pigment implantation” or “dermal pigmentation,” which involves the introduction of an indelible ink into/below the surface of the skin, under or in close proximity to the eyes, lips or cheeks of the face and hair imitation, shall be performed only by duly licensed physicians who perform this type of procedure within the scope of his/her medical practice. All other practitioners, including aestheticians and cosmetologists, are prohibited from performing this procedure in the Town of Franklin unless employed and directly supervised by a medical doctor, licensed to practice medicine in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Basic training in First Aid and Advanced CPR as well as proof of attendance at required renewal courses. (American Red Cross)
  • Completion of a course on prevention of disease transmission and blood-borne pathogens, conducted by an instructor trained and sufficiently knowledgeable to teach this OSHA course. 
  • Body artists shall present evidence of at least one year of apprenticeship experience with no history of their artistry causing short- or long-term health problems. 
    • Apprentices must register with the Health Board when beginning the apprenticeship. 
  • Proof of completion of a course in anatomy and physiology.