License Requirements:—BODY-ART-REGS?bidId= (Pg. 10)


*Application not listed. Please call the Gloucester Board of Health on where to apply.*

Gloucester Board of Health: (978) 325-5260

    •  Bloodborne pathogen training program 
      • Examples of courses approved by the Board include “Preventing Disease Transmission” (American Red Cross) and “Bloodborne Pathogen Training” (U.S. OSHA). 
    • Current certification in Basic First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) American Red Cross, as well as recertification classes.
    • Completion of a Basic Skin Anatomy course as offered by a skilled professional approved by the Gloucester Board of Health.
    • Completion & proof of a one year Apprenticeship Program under supervision of a trained and experienced body art professional, or proof of licensure in another Massachusetts community. 
      • Employees must be trained in the use of a steam autoclave and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended procedures for the operation of the sterilization unit.