License Requirements:


*Hanson Body Art Application not posted online. Please contact the Hanson Board of Health on where to find Body Art Application* 

Hanson Board of Health: (781) 293-3138

  • Current certification in American Red Cross Basic First Aid or its equivalent and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation.
  • Successful completion of a course on Prevention of Disease Transmission and Blood Borne Pathogens taught by an instructor trained and sufficiently knowledgeable to teach this OSHA course. 
  • Applicants must complete these courses with a grade of C or better at a college accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, or comparable accrediting entity:
      • Completed an Anatomy and Physiology course. This course must include instruction on the system of the integumentary system (skin).
      • Skin Diseases, Disorders, And Conditions (Including Diabetes)
      • Infectious disease control, waste disposal, hand washing techniques, sterilization equipment operations and methods; and sanitation, disinfection, & sterilization methods and techniques. 
  •  The applicant for all practitioners shall submit evidence satisfactory to the Board of at least 2 years actual experience in the practice of performing body art activities of the kind for which the applicant seeks a body art practitioner permit to perform, whether such experience was obtained within or outside of the Commonwealth.
      • If the applicant does not have at least 2 years actual experience, apprenticeship may be required. (2 year apprenticeship = 2,400 hours)

 *PLEASE NOTE: Check with the Hanson Board of Health for Apprenticeship Requirements if you do not possess 2 years actual experience.*