This day is designed for someone who is already in the industry. If you are someone who already does brows but want to see what Monique may do a little differently from you, this short course is perfect for you. A model is not provided on this day as you already have a good level of expertise and know you can take away what information you have gained and put it into your own practice. 

A shadow day at Browstetics is an intense ONE day shadow program, which involves a day of observing me. You will observe my work on 2-3 clients from start to finish, and also what tools I use for all my procedures. I will share tips and tricks regarding brow design,  technique, color selection and more.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have and I will also offer you 1 month of post shadow day email support where you can ask your follow up questions. 

You will learn a lot as I don’t hold anything back.

Tuition: $750